Meet my meat, Chengdu


项目位于成都W酒店对面魔方商业街区的5楼。建筑设计规划借鉴了成都老街区的感觉。在保留主体结构为楼层结构体系的同时,每家店铺连接的方式采用了完全开放的街道设计逻辑。楼梯本身没有幕墙系统进行包裹,连接每家店铺的走廊均属于室外空间, 可以感受到四季的变化。      

The barbecue restaurant locates on the 5th floor in the Mofang commercial block opposite the W Hotel in Chengdu. The architectural design and planning present the style of the old district of Chengdu. The particular part of this building is 

that each store is connected with an outdoor corridor, making the space feel like a street and allowing each customer to fell the change of seasons.

“起风了,看见火”是我们希望赋予整个品牌的空间属性,分别代表着白天与环境相融和晚上热火朝天的独特就餐体验,并通过火光的独特设计进行连接,共同映衬了Meet My Meat 品牌特色。 

When the wind comes, I see fire’ is the spatial attribute we hope to endow the entire brand, representing the unique dining experience that blends  with the environment during the day and the fiery night,  combined with the unique design 

of the fire, which together reflects the Meet My Meat.



In terms of space, designers retained an open structure where wind can pass through the space. The design team moved the bar close to the flow of people in the main corridor, in order to bring privacy into the dining space.The overall dining seating strategy echoes the center of a bonfire. The designer introduced a steam fire system in the backrest of every seat to reflect the main idea of ‘I see fire’.     


In the space, we chose recycled bricks, birch wood, and silver metallic paint to form the primary texture experience of the space. To control the budget, we deliberately collected bricks from demoliation waste, from site closed to Chengdu. 

We transported them to the site, and smashed them to form rough textures in every walls. The material itself and transportation costs are controled within a very economical range, echoing the ideas of cost control and environmental 



The birch tree has strong vitality. After the fire destroys the forest, the birch is often the first tree to grow back, and it often forms a large forest. The fast-growing nature of the wood itself and the whitebark are distinctive, creating the

ceiling installation and partition in the space. It wraps the overall dinning environment. 


The entrance wall is also composed of recycled bricks, which simulate Monet’s “Beef Slices” abstract painting.


Through the light of the skyward flame in the center of the space, the ceiling installation of birch barks is reflected in red. The whole area is warm and red.     


客户:Meet My Meat

About Project

Location: 5th Floor, Mofang Shopping Mall, Chengdu, China
Project Area: 200 Square Meters (with outdoor area)
Number of Floor: 1 Floor
Business Attribute: Barbecue restaurant
Client: Meet My Meat
Design Team: RooMoo
Photography: Arch-Exist
Lighting Consultant: WOY Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Material: Recycled bricks, birch bark, black terrazzo, metallic silver paint, black metal frame and birch wood



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