Les Elites, Shanghai 

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project information

Project address: Fengshengli, Shanghai ( No. 297, Maoming North Road, West Nanjing Road)

Project area: indoor area of 280 square meters, external area of 100 square meters

Floor: 1st floor

Business form: restaurant and bar

Client : Yumchina

Materials: red bricks, custom-made natural-colored walnut floor, cement-colored texture paint, 19-meter-long projection screen , Mongolian black natural surface stone , laminated glass with color custom patterns

Design Firm: RooMoo

Photo Copyright: Yumchina

About project

Location:   Shanghai Feng sh engli (297 Maoming North Road, Nanjing West Road)

Project Area: Interior area 280sqm, outer area 100sqm

Number of Floors: One floor

Business Attribute: Restaurant & Bar

Client: Yumchina  

Materials: Red brick, custom natural color walnut wood floor, cement color texture paint, 19 meters long projection screen, Mongolian black  natural  surface stone, color custom pattern laminated glass

Design Company:  RooMoo

Photo Copyright: Yumchina


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