L'Aromate, Shanghai

The restaurant we designed this time is located near a small river surrounded by greenery, providing people with a peaceful and relaxing place in Shanghai. Therefore, the main intention of this design is to maintain this tranquility while injecting modern design elements to form a unique visual highlight. 

The restaurant location is close to a small river surrounded by trees. It offers a calm retreat from Shanghai. The intention was to preserve this calm while at the same time reinvigorate it with modern design elements to form an unique visual identity.

In order to ensure this design effect, Rumo Space designed a unique grid pattern using a leather strap. Compared with simple plant roots extending to the wall, the design of Rumo Space creates a sense of movement and dynamics in the space to catch people's attention. We designed two colors of leather straps that intersect each other in a vibrant flat pattern. Let it wrap the entire space like a tailor-made haute couture to create a sophisticated design atmosphere. Moreover, the criss-crossing lines in the patterns we designed also extend to the design of different scales of the space, such as our custom-made furniture, lighting, and patterns on wooden floors and mosaics.

To achieve this, Roomoo created a web pattern made by leather ribbons. As a comparison of plant roots spreading into the wall. It creates a sense of movement and dynamism within the space that catches the eyes. The two colors of leathers make a vibrant graphic pattern. We wanted this canvas to be like an “haute couture”, that would wrap around the space, like a tailor-made garment. Our pattern’s horizontal and vertical lines continue at different scale into our custom-made furniture, custom-made lightings and patterns on wood floor and mosaic.


An existing architecture and restaurant were at this place. The original appearance of the facade was not very conspicuous. To solve this problem, we added a second layer, constituted by vertical bronze color tubes, in front of the facade. It allows highlighting the facade day and night with lightings inlay on the ground. A flower pot between the original facade and the vertical tubes allows the plants to climb on it and to create a small hidden garden. Therefore, the façade was at a different scale similar to our indoor wall leather ribbon pattern.


At the origin, the rooftop was not accessible from the restaurant. Therefore, we decided to open up the rooftop slab and to continue the staircase to the roof. In this process, we enlarged the business area and offered a pleasant roof garden.

接着,第二个挑战是功能的复合性。客户希望这个项目具备有多种功能:比如酒吧,用 餐区,咖啡厅和聚会场所(比如生日或婚礼)。我们需要思考如何有序地置入到空间中。

The second challenge was that the client wanted mix functions such as bar, dining, coffee lounge and parties (such as birthday or wedding).


Therefore, the furniture plan was studied to provide flexible arrangements. The first floor offers moveable furniture that can be combined or stay separated in order to adapt to different events such as parties or weddings. While the second floor offers a private lounge and a private dining room.


Last but not least, the budget was limited. Our main creative idea was to focus more on craftsmanship than on expensive materials. Our leather ribbons are coming from recycling fake leather belt from a Shanghai factory.


Every leather belt has been installed manually on a metal structure.


The beautiful wood floor pattern and mosaic pattern on the ground floor and the second floor are also a continuity of this desire to show the craftmanship using customize pattern.


项目信息(About Project)

Design Team(设计团队): RooMoo

Website(公司网站): www.roomoo.cn

Email(公司邮箱): info@roomoo.cn

Press contact(联系人): info@roomoo.cn

Client(客户): L’Aromate

Project year (project completion time): 2020

Project name: L'Aromate Restaurant 

Project Area:  366  M 2

Number of Floors: 3

Location (project address): Jiading district, Shanghai

Photographer: Xiao Yuuuun Studio 

Construction Team: Zhuoqi Space Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Lighting Design: RooMoo

Furniture Suppliers (furniture suppliers): Shanghai Dingluan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Lighting Suppliers: HUAFENG LIGHTING

Built-in furniture design: RooMoo

Leather installation and supplier: Shanghai Yizhu Engineering Co., Ltd.

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