Le Coq & Wine Bistro in URBN Hotel

Le Coq花园店选址在上海静安区URBN精品酒店的一层,此处餐厅位置花园环绕,占满了整个酒店建筑外墙的爬山虎加强着整个花园的绿意. 餐厅的设计,试图将场地的这一特性渗透到酒店的使用功能中,找到都市生活方式与自然环境之间的平衡。

The restaurant is tucked in a green courtyard of a Shanghai boutique hotel, URBN Hotel. The atmosphere is wanted to be in balance between modernity and nature.


RooMoo used a concept called: "borrowing". With a very humble approach, we look at the site with the idea of straightening the existing elements. We borrowed the existing green decor and the bamboo racks at each window, that we use as a design language to create a bridge between outside and inside.


The entire layout is done as a cinema offering different seating heights. It allows each visitor to be able to look at the main screen, which is our green courtyard. The bar is located in the middle of the fully open able façade, re-enforcing and creating a hub between inside and outside.


The outside bamboos, combine with metal sticks, spreads on the ceiling, like a root. Embossed metal plates and round lights scattered into space, contribute to play with natural light and reflection. So that guests, can observe visual experience with the natural environment during the day and with lighting effects at night. Different light settings enable the restaurant to have a functional transition from breakfast buffet to late-night party.

Design Company(设计公司): RooMoo

Website(公司网站): www.roomoo.cn

Email(公司邮箱): info@roomoo.cn

Press Contact(联系人): info@roomoo.cn


Client(客户): LeCoq

Project Year(项目完成时间): 2020

Projest Name(项目名称): Le Coq Wine & Bistro Garden Restaurant 

Project Area(项目面积): 300 M(Indoor)/109M(Outdoor)

Number of Floors(楼层数): 1

Location(项目地址): Shanghai, China

Photography (摄影): Arch-Exist / Xiao Yuuuun Studio(视频)


Construction Team(施工团队)海贵享装饰工程有限公司

Lighting Design(灯光设计): RooMoo

Furniture Suppliers (家具供应商):上海尼士达家具有限公司

Lighting Suppliers(灯具供应商):Renfine Lighting


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