Power of Nature

设计的灵感来源来自于藏民对山的崇拜之情 - “深造就了当地独特的建筑形体以及色彩 - 山体的形状以及纹理给了藏民造物的灵感自然光线的映射在山体上的奇观焕发了当地建筑的独特的生命力。

The inspiration of this design comes from the worship of the mountains by the Tibetan people. This kind of love to mountain contributes to the particular architectural form and the choice of the color. The shapes and textures of mountains are creating inspirations to Tibetan people. The reflection of natural lights on mountains became the vitality of local architecture.


We hope that we can have a common view with Tibetan people, in order to take a look at the using of the whole construction elements and the forming of the atmosphere during the process of the restaurants' design. 


Base on the observations of the site and the requirements of the clients we have found the lighting conditions are poor, and then we lay our stress on how to deal with the problem of a low-light environment and how to reflect local characteristics with modern design methods during this design process.


The columns in this space play an important role in supporting the structure and defines the space with a rank layout.


We introduced the idea of “colorful lamp-chimney” to make each column not only be the light machine in the space, but also be the visual focus in the restaurant. The purpose of doing this is in order to expand the lighting space, so that each space has it own lighting focus point in different layers. With method of adding lighting focuses, we also hope the low-light environment can be improved.


The “colorful lamp-chimney” made from lots of constituent elements. This inspiration comes from the textures of the stratiform rock (this element appears on the array style of the local architectures and the enclosures ).


All the layout of the furnishings and circulations of the customers are around with the huge “lamp-chimney” in the space. This is the principal of the zoning.


The design of the walls are coherence Between the two restaurants next to each other. In order to give a profound impression to customers. We continue to use some design elements from the “lamp-chimney” and re-create a modern patterns on the walls in these two restaurants during the process of design.


With designing the new patterns and worship work made by the local craftman. Reproducing the special texture of the mountain which gives people a condition about continuous, syncretic, optional and changeable style. This is also a different ceremony of “worship to the mountains” that we give to the nature as an outsider.

Design Company(设计公司): RooMoo

Website(公司网站): www.roomoo.cn

Email(公司邮箱): info@roomoo.cn

Press Contact(联系人) info@roomoo.cn


Client(客户): Yumchina

Project Year(项目完成时间): 2019

Project Area(项目面积): 324 Square Meters (Pizzahut) - 270 Square MetersKFC

Number of Floors(楼层数): 1

Location(项目地址)Tibet, China



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