Le Coq & Wine Bistro in Xin Tiandi

Roomoo and lucas chirnside have been challenged to design one of the city’s most instantly recognizable bistros for wine in Xintiandi, Shanghai. The dining area is located in the middle of the space between the wine library and the bar. while the bartender serves wine glasses at the bar, one can observe waiters, climbing ladders to access higher platform to select a bottle of wine. once chosen, the bottle of wine is delivered in a basket using a rope system. It brings full scenery os wine experience to the customer. 


Terra cotta walls contribute to the wine cellar atmosphere. while it is usual to have the bar at the back, here it stands at the border of the façade, offering seats indoor and outdoor. the façade can be totally open, semi-closed or entirely closed. these several combinations allow creating different types of openings and to different faces for the restaurant in order to diverse experiences.

Flexible façade

Once the façade is closed, the staff can close the second layer of doors and create VIP rooms. the light coming through holes offers privacy, but also a nice vibrating lighting play through different hole sizes. the atmosphere has been targeted to feel sophisticated and very warm with a playful balance in color, between the blue and the orange in furniture.


Wine library




Dining area



Dining area


Project information:

Project Name: A library of wine

Location: Xintiandi, Shanghai, China

Project Area: 260 Square Meters

Number of Floors: 2

Business Attribute: F&B 


Design Company: ROOMOO

Design Team: Roomoo & Lucas Chirnside

PhotographerZhenhuan He



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