RooMoo Design Studio (前DMC)成立于2015年多元文化的上海,由一群热爱设计的多文化背景团队组成,对本土文化的理解和国际化的视野让我们更愿意尝试和探索传统文化与当代生活的临界点。


成立以来,我们完成的项目收到了国内和国外多个专业设计媒体的认可(如DesignBoom、goood&MD等)项目也扩大到了马来西亚以及法国马赛等国家。我们很高兴可以和像Canada Goose、YumChina、Mofang等这样的国际化公司合作;也结识了很多热爱探索边界的小而精的Lecoq、Whatever等品牌。

RooMoo Design Studio, founded in Shanghai, is based on a definite relationship between architecture, interior and product design, which has been a driving force to create projects with subtle transitions between these disciplines.  We pursue the integrity and the quality of the design since the beginning of a project until accomplishment. 

The understanding of the local culture and of internationalization, make us explore the critical point in between. We know how to challenge traditional boundaries to new contemporary perspectives and also how to re-use local culture touch into modern design.

Since 2015, our projects have been recognized by many professional design media such as Design Boom, gooood, MD, Hi design etc. Our projects have also been expanded to Malaysia, as well as France, and other countries. We are happy to be able to cooperate with international and local companies like, Canada Goose, Whatever, Lecoq, Mofang…


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